Jio proves by copying Jio Meet and Jio Chat that they can’t innovate

Why is it that Indians always find copying what other countries are doing? They think it is an easy way out to copy ideas from others. Be it Bollywood or the songs in the movies all of it comes from the copied items. 

Now the same is the scenario with Reliance Jio as they have come out with two new apps JioMeet and JioChat. They haven’t put anything of their own in these apps, both the apps lack originality. The apps are looking quite similar to the competitor's apps.

They lack the feature of encrypted messages in Jiochat. They are just making the apps on the base of others without putting in much effort for and coming out with their ideas.

Some of the important things like privacy, user’s data, or the privacy of the message is not provided by the app. Copying the same colour schemes of WhatsApp will not give the users enough reasons to move on to JioChat.

The same drawbacks are also there in JioMeet where you will find no clarity on end-to-end encryption of video calls. To be very specific in regards to the Privacy Policy JioMeet asks you information like name, age, gender, contact information, products, and services. 

When it comes to social media apps people want their private space to be safe. They might have any kind of conversation or might share any sort of data but they should feel safe while using the particular app. But here neither JioMeet nor JioChat is giving good reasons for people to trust these platforms and shift to them.

The UI and UX don’t make it enough for the customers to switch whereas many platforms online have given the excuse that UI and UX i.e. user interface and user experience remain identical for both the apps.

When JioChat released its original design, it wasn’t attractive also the app use to often crash which gave them a reason to update and that it when they came out with a similar design of Whatsapp.

People have also been talking about how Reliance Jio has not put in efforts and have done copying, which Chinese companies have been doing until now. The growth of Indian apps will only occur when they will come out with their concept and ideas rather than making copies of already existing apps in the market.

Where Jio has the money worth for putting in the new concepts they should also focus on the creative aspect of it. Just putting money and coming with a copied app is not a healthy process to survive in this market. People today cannot be fooled with this, they know what a new, healthy, and creative innovation is.