A Viral video Of India Bride Working On Her Marriage Trolled On Social media

A twitter user whose name is Dinesh Joshi posted a 13-second clip of the bride at her wedding where she is taking a phone call and simultaneously working on a laptop. This video has caught so much of social attention.

We do understand that due to the pandemic situation of COVID-19 the companies are making their employees work from home has given an immense pressure on the employees. But this video on the other side has gathered some funny Responses.

People have also shared it a slot on their social media using it for memes. The bride is busy working when she doesn’t realize that the groom has come. Instead, the groom sits beside her and seems very unsure of what to do.

Dinesh Joshi wrote on his twitter saying “If you think you are under work pressure than watch this video”. The video till now has got more than 56,000 views and both types of responses from the people. 

As people on social media love when something funny comes up. Because you can make memes, funny jokes, sarcastic quotations, etc out of it. So, people are sharing it and making some hilarious jokes out of it. 

Some of the reactions you will read on twitter are “Target Pura Karna Hai Sir”, “when you tell your boss, you work from home to avoid counting the leave from your wedding”, “she deserves a raise”, “HA HAHA Heights of work pressure”. Some users have reacted in a different way saying “What the hell?”, “This is more to impress the immediate & extended social circle. High time we call out such fake being busy/highly committed imagery”. 

For more sorts of reactions coming from people on the video, you can check twitter. But for sure you will die laughing at some responses and fun jokes.