Ajay Devgan’s daughter trolled as, “Bollywood kids become fair overnight” on Twitter

Being a part of this glamour industry, every star is getting trolled for whatever they have done, something good or bad, some judgmental people are always sneak in and throw some mean comments to them. Nysa Devgan, the daughter of Ajay and Kajol Devgan, recently got trolled for her looks. Check out how the celebrity mommy outbursts her anger to the netizens!


In this world of pics and clicks, we often embroil into trolls, sometimes in the form of friends or strangers. Bollywood celebrities are also a part of it. Things are getting worse when it takes a turn to celebrity kids. Being a part of this limelight, they are often judged by their salon looks, the gym looks, and whatever they have worn. Trollers often forget that those brats are human beings and they do have feelings.

The social media becomes a trolling weapon when Nysa steps out from home. She is judged for every simple look she opts, it may be the airport looks, party looks, or maybe a salon looks. Her father Ajay Devgan shows his tantrums and strictly told to all paparazzi to stay out of his daughter. He clearly told: “judge me but don’t judge my kids.”

Recently, Kajol has opened up her voice against trolling on Nysa. She told all the anxieties Nysa had to face after watching those cheap comments. According to her, “you always protect your children. So when something like this happens, it is discouraging. Honestly, Nysa was in Singapore when the entire trolling session has happened. But, social media is everywhere, maybe she noticed that. So, those trollers really need basic education and they should be ignored completely.”

 Last year, Nysa was spotted at Big-B’s place for Diwali bash; trollers did not step back from posting mean comments on her picture. She chose a peach lehenga for her Diwali looks. But netizens started posting hate comments on her looks. One of the users told: “Does she undergo skin lightening? Looking like a plastic. Ban her as we are banning plastic.” Another one said: “like mom, like daughter, anyway nepotism is on the way.”

However, we strongly desire that the trollers should stop behaving like morons and mind their own business!