Akshay Kumar - Twinkle’s Eco-friendly Mumbai home is a treat to eyes and motivation for environmentalists

Akshay and Twinkle are the power couple of Bollywood with their hearts and mind in the right place. While, Akshay is a versatile actor and firm believer of rewards over awards; the lady of the house is undoubtedly, Twinkle Khanna. 

The renowned author, every charming and witty, Twinkle Khanna has a fine taste when it comes to decorating her house. Today’s post is not about Akshay’s acting skills or the love between them, but it is all about their love nest. 

The sea facing house is a treat for the nature lovers as it has many in-house ponds, variety of flora, bountiful bougainvillea and many eco-friendly statues that makes the house look lively. The stunning and serene sunset view from the house is breathtaking and that’s where the lady of the house reads or enjoys sunbathing with her daughter. 

Twinkle said in an interview to vogue, “Living by the sea is wonderful. It’s nice to just sit on the parapet and watch the sunset.”

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She further stated in the interview, “Clutter isn’t a bad thing. But you must organise your clutter so it looks neat: line it up according to a theme or colour, or intersperse it in your bookshelf.”

The duplex house has a living area, kitchen, dining area and Akshay’s large closet on the first floor and while the second floor is for the bedrooms and Twinkle’s study. She has decorated the house with several artifacts, antiques, Ganesha statues and other eclectic statues in every corner of the house. 

Not only, interiors, even the exterior of the house is full of natural settings and makes one dream of loving in such an opulent yet eco-friendly house.