Deleted Bathroom Scene from Joker too much for R-rating

There was a huge controversy during the release of the movie The Joker. The controversy hit both before and after the release of the movie. There was a scene in the movie about a bathtub that was cut from the movie. SPBIFF Cinema Society was told by Todd Philips, who is the director of the movie, about the deleted scene as the most insane scene even for R-rating.



The director added to his statement that it would be wrong if anyone thinks that because the scene was pornographic that is why it was not included. There is a reason that the scene did not made to the final was that it was too insane and gross.

The release of the movie Joker was quite disturbing because of the controversy on this scene. The director of the movie was not favoring an alternative cut of the film Joker to be released. The director of the movie mentioned in one of his talks that he hates deleted scenes and extended cuts. And if the scenes are deleted, there will always be a reason behind that.

He further added that whatever the viewers are seeing in the movie that was all that the director wanted, to show and that’s exactly about it. If we consider the movie it was a grand success because it has been the highest-grossing R-rated film ever released and also the most profitable film of all time.

The only question that was unanswered was: Will there be a Sequel?

And Joaquin Phoenix answered this question and said that he had never thought of this as his dream role, but now he was only thinking of this and could not stop himself from thinking about it. While there is no clarity on the sequel, but there is a definite May be as the actor is interested in adding more to the Joker series.