Kangana Ranaut reacts to #BoycottMafia accusing the Mafia’s and calls them Mice

#Boycott_Kangana has become a popular Twitter trend, and people are actively posting against the Queen. The self-made actress who is openly taking names of the people responsible for Nepotism and Sushant Singh’s suicide has garnered a lot of negative publicity. 

The actress has become a Twitter trend, and Kangana gives a befitting respond by tweeting, “Wonderfull #Boycott_Kangana trending, chuhe bilon se bahar aa rahe hai. Chalo, thoda haath pair toh mafia bhi maaregi (the mice are coming out of their holes. Well, the Mafia will try whatever it can).”

The boycott trend began after her tweet last week, claiming that Mafia’s are trying to get her account suspended. Once her sister Rangoli’s Twitter account has been suspended because of lewd comments and tweets; now, the chances of Kangana’s account being suspended are also high. 

The actress has limited the comments on her twitter handle and tweeted, “My friends here may find my talks unidimensional, mostly directed at movie mafia, their anti-national and Hinduphobic racket. I know my time is limited here, they can get my account suspended any minute, even though I have a lot to share but I must utilise this time to expose them.”

In her recent interview on Republic TV with Arnab Goswami, she said that Mafia’s are behind her for a long-time. She said that when she was on top of her game and became the Queen of Bollywood after Tanu weds Manu Returns; suddenly a case was slammed on her, and overnight 19 brands cancelled the contract with her. 

She said, “Of course, that case did not go anywhere but all the brands dropped me. I had made some investments considering those contracts. I was in big trouble.” 

She even stated that she was a wreck emotionally, socially and financially. Even a dream of getting married felt a distant dream because her image was painted as a man-eater and a witch. 

“Then they started to claim, she is a man-eater, she sends her nude pictures, she is mixing her blood, she is a witch. Two days ago, I was a beautiful girl persuaded by many men. Suddenly, I see that maybe marriage is not an option for my life,” she said.

She also said that Karan Johar ‘openly declared’, to applause and hooting, that she should leave Bollywood. She claimed that after these incidents, she had thoughts of ‘just shaving (her) head and disappearing’.

Now, the Boycott_Kangana trend has become another tool to destroy her, she claims. It will be noteworthy to know who is the real culprit here and when the truth prevails.