Saif scolded Kapil Sharma on his show for flirting with his wife

Kapil Sharma, the iconic comedian of India needs no introduction, but things got crazy when Saif Ali khan visited him on the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show. Saif visited the show to promote his upcoming movie Jawaani Janeman, and took a jibe on Kapil for flirting with his wife.

Before you start wondering what the matter was, hold your horses as it was all a joke. It all happened when Kapil Sharma asked Saif, “What does Kareena call you?” Saif was miffed by the question and replied in his usual witty tone, “You are married na? I am asking this because last time when Kareena came at your show you were spreading a lot (translation: flirting a lot). The embarrassed comedian replied on a lighter tone, “It’s not just your wife; I spread with anyone and everyone who comes on set.”

Funny banter between ace comedian Kapil Sharma and Jawaani Jaaneman actor Saif Ali Khan

The whole start cast of movie was present at the show including Tabbu, Farida Jala and Chunky Pandey. Kapil Sharma was flirting with Tabbu throughout the evening and remembered an incident, when he invited Tabbu on his wedding and she started laughing. He said that the beautiful actress didn’t believe that I can ever get married and thought of it as a practical joke. 


He also took a jibe on Chunky Pandey and said that his luck is going strong. In fact, Archana Singh tells the bank authorities that Chunky is his friend and bank will give the loan just like that. All in all it was a fun evening and everyone laughed heartily. Let’s hope that movie also makes people laugh a lot.