Sonu Nigam exposes Music Mafia’s including Salman Khan for hampering work and spreading nepotism

Sonu Nigam's biggest revelation after the death of Sushant Singh has given rise to many controversies and revealed the true colours of many musicians and actors. According to the big revelation of the talented singer, Sonu Nigam, the music industry has bigger mafia’s than the film industry.  

In his initial Twitter post, he did not reveal the names of the two biggest Mafia’s, but did tell how they hampered his career and didn’t give chance to the newcomers in the music industry. 

He further added, tomorrow you may hear the news of the suicide of a singer because he wasn’t given a chance.  

Later, he tweeted another video, where he took Salman Khan’s name as one of the Mafia’s in the music industry. According to the video, he never wanted to reveal any names, but because of his previous video the “Mafia’s” tried to snub his opportunities, told his well wishers to stay away from him and bully him. 

After listening to his video on Twitter, many of his fans retweeted the video and started with #BoycottSalmanKhan trend. Many people said that Salman Khan is a bully and if he can create problems for Sonu Nigam who has been working in the industry since 1989, what will happen to the upcoming lyricist and musicians.