The Platform” on Netflix makes the viewers feel physically sick

The Platform is considered the most disgusting, disturbing yet the most accurate description of today’s wealth divide. Directed by GalderGaztelu-Urrutia and streaming on Netflix, it is the movie based on the premise how the lower class is oppressed by the powerful who have everything in sufficient and don’t value what they have. 

Video: The Platform streaming on Netflix is considered the most disturbing movie

The Director of the movie told what inspired him to make the movie, “At a certain point in time, humanity will have to move towards the fair distribution of wealth. And it also offers many ideas and more hidden readings on why it’s so complicated to do so. It explores why we’re all so selfish and – while we’re offering a simple and populist critique of the capitalist system – the film doesn’t stop there; it appeals to our responsibility as individuals, as it has to be the individual who takes the initiative”

The Spanish Sci-fi horror has won People’s Choice Award at Toronto International Film Festival for Midnight Madness. It starts with a buffet of food on the table in the prison. The food descends downwards and keeps getting less and less in quantity. People fight over hunger and go mad. It leads to a rebellion. 

The viewers of the movie described it as the most disturbing movie considering the time of the stream (amid Coronavirus Pandemic) and how it portrays the fucked up human mentality. One of the viewer added, “I thought the human centipede was the most f**ked up movie I’ve ever watched but then I watched Platform and HOLT SHIT”

People who watched the movie said that it is beautiful and creepy the way it describes the current state of affairs in the world. For some, it was the worst experience of their life and felt physically sick. They even went ahead and said that if you get easily disturbed by a movie then this should not be even in the last thing on your bucket list. 

A viewer added, “Netflix’s The Platform depicts how the society now is working. People in the lower level of the social class are being oppressed by the superior/powerful ones. Solidarity will help us survive, but not everyone is eager to cooperate”

The Platform depicts the ugly face of society on the planet. So, if you have the appetite of ingesting ugly truth and can watch the disturbing scenes, then The Platform is a must watch.