Coronavirus attack in Telangana and Delhi, how would Indians fight against it?

After the death toll all over the world has surpassed 3000, Coronavirus has attacked some Indians in Telangana and Delhi.

K K Aggarwal, Heart Care Foundation of India’s President, has stated that Indian weather acts as a safeguard against the life-threatening attacks of this dangerous Corona virus. He has further mentioned that India was also safe from major attacks of yellow fever, SARS and MERS, Ebola for its agreeable climatic conditions. On the other hand, a large section of experts has suggested that India's risk of getting attacked by Coronavirus is disproportionately high for its creaky healthcare system, high internal migration, and high population density.  

According to report of the Ministry of Health, two cases of COVID-19 have been found in Delhi and Telangana. The attacked people of Telangana and Delhi have a travel history from Dubai and Italy respectively. Although their stability has been assured on part of the hospital authority, both of them are being closely monitored. Moreover, a man, an Italian tourist, displaying symptoms of Coronavirus attack was taken to SMS Hospital, Jaipur. 

Although test report was initially negative, he tested positive after second screening. This incident has led Ashok Gehlot, CM of Rajasthan, to arrange emergency meetings at his official residence in Jaipur to discuss preventive measures. He has suggested everyone thoroughly follow Central Government’s guidelines about Coronavirus.

Despite celebrating negative cases of Coronavirus attack or panicking, Indians should prepare themselves to fight against this global pandemic for survival. Always, wash your hands as often as possible with water and soap spending at least 20 seconds. 

Hand sanitizers may not work effectively against this virus as those are anti-bacterial. Cover sneeze or cough with tissue and then throw it into the trash. With house cleaning spray, clean frequently-touched objects to disinfect those. Try to stay at home if you are sick and consult a physician. 

Infographic courtesy: World Health Organisation

Don't touch your mouth particularly your eyes and nose and avoid close contact with sick people. Ignore traveling while you have cough or fever. People showing symptoms of Covid-19 need to use face mask so atht the disease doesn't spread to others. All these precautions can somehow secure Indian population from getting attacked by fatal Coronavirus. Indian people have a habit of avoiding trivial issues which may otherwise be significant.

Maintain distance from people who have displayed symptoms of Coronavirus to save your life. Follow preventive measures to save yourself and your near and dear ones safe.