Female doctor assaulted by Covid19 positive patients in Delhi

LokNayak Hospital is dedicated towards treating Covid19 patients and health professionals are consistently working to ensure their safety and wellbeing. But, there are a few disturbed individuals who are looking for opportunities to inflict violence, even when they are tested positive from the life threatening Coronavirus. 


An incident came into light, when the doctor’s association demanded strict action against the CMO and floor incharge of LokNayak Hospital in a letter. A female doctor who was treating Covid19 patients in the hospital was assaulted and manhandled by the patients. The incident took place in the surgical ward and when an associate male doctor came to rescue her, he was manhandled by the group of patients. 


They had to hide themselves in the duty room for security and during the incident floor incharge did not come to their rescue. The mob of patients were passing lewd comments on the female doctor and when she reiterated they manhandled and assaulted her. 

The guards or marshals could not come to their rescue as there was no PPE kit available on the spot. The disturbing thing was the floor incharge refused to accompany the resident doctor even when she repeatedly requested. The letter clearly states that a strict should be taken against the floor incharge and CMO as they did not help during the ongoing crisis.