Good Parenting doesn’t promote Gender Binary

Parenting is a tough job, especially in a world where gender binary takes place. Many parents face a hard time parenting without putting gender binary ahead. 

According to Dr Christia S. Brown, a developmental psychology professor at the University of Kentucky and the author of Parenting Beyond Blue and Pink, gender binary, the division of gender into only two, opposing categories (masculine or feminine) rather than acknowledging the broad spectrum of gender identities, hurts all kids.

The gender binary gives kids who don't fit neatly into it "the implicit and explicit message...that who they are is flawed or wrong," which Brown calls damaging.

Many parents want to end this gender stereotypes madness. If you are one of these parents and finding a way out, then this article presents you with steps to follow-

Start at the Early Stage

There is no doubt that the questions about kid's gender pop up way before the kid enters the home. The question 'boy or girl' is quite common to be faced by parents. Brown maintains that parents need to be mentally prepared for this and come up with an answer for the same. Your approach completely depends on how far you want respect to avoid gender binary. 

Depending on what you determine for your family, you as a parent need to convey to people about your intentions concerning gender stereotypes.  You also need to control what gender-based gifts you would like to get from friends and relatives and paint the room of kids. 

Focusing on the Language

Kids while growing to start developing language skills on their own, and this is when the real task begins. Instead of controlling how adults perpetuate gender binary, you need to zero down tiny ways on how you talk about gender at home. 

"We know kids pay attention to language, and they're also attuned to gender markers in language," Brown points out.

Moreover, it is essential to focus on your choice of words, because of the way you speak and the words you choose, kid intimate the same. One of the best ways to normalize your neutral language is by reading children's books aloud at home. 

Help them Confront Stereotypes Encounter in the classroom

At home, parents have reasonable control over the gender binary discussed. However, the challenge occurs is when kids start attending classrooms. At the school, it is nearly impossible to consider that kids will not face any gender binary. However, by preschool, kids become strong due to development reasons. They also start thinking and understand other people solely through gender terms like- "All boys like trucks; all girls like princesses." 

In many cases, teachers may correct some of the lessons you tried to impart at home in the early years. Consider teachers saying "Good morning, boys and girls," making students sit "boy-girl-boy-girl," or single-gender bathrooms.


Kids right from an early age till they grow, will keep encountering gender stereotype. As parents, it is vital to analyze gender binary right from an early age.

It is best to connect with parents with whom you can discuss gender issues. Contacting the school or teachers in-group regarding the gender binary can bring some significant change.

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