Haunted story of Doris won’t let you sleep out of Terror

Paranormal experiences are as real as air and many amongst us have experienced the presence of such entities, but the case of Doris Bither is shocking and unsettling. Doris Bither was not only haunted by three poltergeists, but was also raped by them. Don’t think it is a fake news or just another horror story, in fact, the doctoral researchers of University of California witness and documented it. 

Source: coolinterestingstuff

Dr. Barry Taff was a renowned biomedical engineer, parapsychologist and psychophysiology doctor in 1974 and was discussing details of his latest case with an associate in a local bookstore. Little did he know that his life was about to change. Doris Bither overheard the conversation and talked to him about her haunted situation. 

Dr. Taff felt after listening her that it is a typical case of tormented childhood leading to deep seeded emotional issues, but still he came with his team to check the haunted place. 11547 Braddock Drive was the home of Doris Bither where she lived with her three children amongst which was one teenage daughter and two sons. 

While they discussed the presence of three entities in the house, what amazed Dr. Taff was the striking similarity in descriptions and minutest details everybody told about Mr. Whose It. Yes! They named the poltergeist. All the four experienced being pushed, pinched or bitten by a fog like figure familiar to a human, but not an exact human. 

Doris Bither even explained how she was raped on multiple occasions by the larger entity. She said the tow other small entities used to pin her down and the large entity used to rape her which led to bruises on the mouth and inner thighs. Dr. Taff was convinced by the experiences and details given by the family and he bought all the tools and equipment to investigate.

Dr. Taff told Doris Bither to evoke the entities by making an appearance, which she did and the results were astounding. The twenty something researchers from UCLA witnessed the equipment being thrown away in the room, arching in the mid-air, and all of this captured on the camera. 

In 1982, a movie was made based on the Doris Bither’s story, The Entity, but the movie took several liberties. They even portrayed the team capturing the entity, on the contrary to real life, where Doris and her family had to leave the house. It was not the end for the family, they believed that one of the poltergeist followed them wherever they moved, whether San Bernardino or Texas. 

In real, Doris Bither disappeared in 1980 when her children were all grown up, but in the movie they show, she dies at the age of 58 due to cardiopulmonary failure.