More than 2000 children abused in the United Kingdom every year

Child abuse has now reached new heights. So many children have been abused and targeted by the practices of witchcraft. The statistics have shown that the number of children who have been found and have been abused by this practice has risen almost thrice in the last two years.


During the year 2018-19 near about 2000 children have been suspected and found to be the victim of this. But according to experts, the real figures can be even higher. And the reason behind this abuse is the lack of awareness among the people.



The abuse has been linked to faith or believes by people, and it includes the attempt of exorcism and violence against the suspects, which have caused many deaths. Children who have been neglected or abused physically by using burning, beating, cutting, etc. are scapegoated as they are considered the reason for financial loss, divorce, or death in the family.


The rise of this witchcraft has been reported alarming and unacceptable by the National FGM Centre, the responsible government body to handle witchcraft abuse. A positive result has been seen that the affected children have been brought under care and protection, but it is high time that these practices must come to an end.



It has become a global issue, but in the UK, such cases are rising. Many religions practice exorcism on children and even in families that are not religious. Children with special needs, mental illnesses or bad behaviour are targeted and abused. Families seek spiritual perspective behind their misfortunes, and organizations lure them into child abuse, exorcism, etc as the solution to the problem.


One such case was of Victoria Climbie. The eight-year old girl who died two decades back after continuous abuse, cuts, and burns from her aunt. Another case was of a 4-year old girl, Nusayba Bharuchi, who was disemboweled by her mother while chanting and listening verses from Quran.


Child abuse cases are high in the UK, but only the third of the cases can be spotted. The Local Government Association (LGA) called for children’s services to receive more government funding in order to address the “huge demand for help.” Now the government and social communities are on high alert to find FGM and child abuse cases, spread awareness against the witchcraft, and save the young and innocent lives.