Rahul Gandhi interacted with migrants but trolled on social media for faking it

The leader of Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi came in limelight as he met the migrants near Sukhdev Flyover, New Delhi. The controversial figure interacted with these migrants and arranged for their transportation, but some people say that the whole performance was staged. 


Many people on social media believe that the leader of the opposition party did not do any noble act as his party members only behaved like migrants and staged a performance. Social media was divided between the fake news and act of kindness, however, soon it was proved that the claim of fake news was misleading. The migrants were genuinely labourers stuck in New Delhi and Rahul Gandhi helped them amid Corona Curfew. 

The tweets and photographs of Gandhi’s interaction with the migrants are proof that he actually met the migrants. According to the Times of India and Free Journal Press, Gandhi facilitated the travel of 25 migrants.

There was a short video of migrants where they were seen getting in the car. The migrants sitting in the car were the same who were seen interacted with the Gandhi at Sukhdev Nagar. 

Later ANI, tweeted about the noble act of the Congress leader and shared the photograph of the leader with migrants with a status, “Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi interacted with migrant labourers who were walking near SukhdevVihar flyover to return to their home states. Party volunteers later arranged vehicles to take them to their homes. A labourer, Monu says "Coming from Haryana, have to go to Jhansi.”

Scam or no scam, the plight of migrants in India has gone worse during the pandemic. As the inter-state borders are closed, there is no work in the urban cities and there is no means of transportation; migrants are hustling to return to their villages. They don’t have money, are starving and even walk for hundred miles in the scorching heat to return home. All we can do is hope that the efforts of the leader of the opposition party motivates the others as well to support the migrants.