Rajinikanth’s New Look In Into The Wild With Bear Grylls

Thalaivar has been seen by locals riding a quad bike during his visit to Bandipur forest for shooting an episode of Into The Wild with Bear Grylls.

Soon, a 40-second teaser was shared by Discovery captioning “Gear up to venture into the wilderness of India”. Rajinikanth will be shown in an action-packed adventure with survival expert Bear Grylls to go up against the wild at Karnataka’s Bandipur Tiger Reserve. Premieres will be on 23rd March exclusively on Discovery at 8 PM. 

The wait for having the first glance at Rajinikanth’s wild look is now over. A promo of Rajinikanth’s appearance in Man Vs Wild with Bear Grylls is now out. Rajinikanth, the man behind the legend, will accompany Bear Grylls in his wild mission to reveal the secrets of Indian wildlife. Bear Grylls has addressed his watchers in the 40-second video clip to prepare themselves for this mind-blowing adventurous episode with Thalaivar.

Grylls has shared his excitement on Twitter saying that an episode with this South Indian legend is special to him although he has previously worked with many stars. After his thrilling adventure with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi in last year August, Grylls is back again to go for another action to venture wilderness of India. The excitement of Rajinikanth’s admirers to have a look at his new role with a survival expert was prominent on their social media posts. They do not have to wait long as Discovery is going to release the premier on this March. 

The 15-second motion poster, that Grylls shared on Twitter showing that the two of them are resting on the bonnet of a vehicle in a forest, has already excited followers of Man Vs Wild with Bear Grylls a lot. They are waiting eagerly for watching the full episode of and action of this great duo in Bandipur Tiger Reserve where 28 species of mammals are preserved securely over an 874-sq-km area. 

As his first stint on Television, Rajinikanth can utilize this platform to appeal to Indian audience for the conservation of water. It has been reported that he has suffered minor injuries while shooting which Rajinikanth himself has stated as scratches due to little thrones. 

Mega Tata, Soth Asia Discovery’s managing director has remarked this episode of Rajinikanth-Grylls duo is a must-watch for every Indian. She has further stated that every episode in this new series will be given a layer of purpose as the show Into The Wild with Bear Grylls aims to contribute to humanity in a unique way. Narendra Modi’s appearance generated attention on wildlife conservation which has inspired Discovery to work with Rajinikanth to highlight the issue of water conservation in a different manner.

Rajinikanth has already tweeted his experience during the shooting as an “unforgettable experience”. He has thanked Discovery’s initiative of water conservation and especially Bear Grylls for presenting him with such an unforgettable experience. Bear Grylls has also commented on his experience while working with Thalaiva and the excitement of his team to shoot with this courageous and energetic legend.