TikTok stars in India are concerned and depressed about their future after the ban of the App

In this pandemic situation, people were finding it a fun factor to be on Tik Tok. But now for the people who were just using it for fun purposes or for those who were using it for their financial dependencies will have to find another way. Tik Tok gets banned in India.

Several users have already deleted the app when there were several tiffs seen between India and China, they did it to support India in banning all the Chinese things. But one of the popular artists on Tik Tok said “they are making Tik-Tok videos to order us to Delete Tik-Tok. No Chance!

Most of the youth of India was dependent on Tik-Tok for a very long time. Some very talented people have also come upon this platform. As they have created some excellent content with the use of this app. Whereas most people have to spend maximum time and have earned thousand & millions on followers through Tik Tok.

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Many of the Tik-Tok stars have posted the videos for their fans to follow them on other social media. One of the comic stars said in the video “it may be just an app for some people, but for me, it translates to four years of Sweat. Hundreds of apps like this can come and go, but this where I could make 6.8 million people laugh. Some of the stars and artists have been very emotionally connected to Tik-Tok.

Israil Ansari was one of the people who posted his first videos while dancing in the rice fields of his Uttar Pradesh village. That was a funny video but the content had made people laugh. He looks funny in the videos as he admits this himself but then it did not stop the video from going viral. He got a platform where he could reach so many people being comfortable in his way. Later leaving everything he moved to Mumbai and had got more than2 million followers with 1 Lakh earning per month. Tik-Tok had become a dedicated app for people like Ansari.

Sheik Khalfan whose online channel tracks Tik-Tok celebrities said:” that people like Shilpa Shetty and Riteish Deshmukh had to make videos with him to get famous on Tik-Tok”. And that is the kind of reach it has provided to the people. He further added, “the stars are in a frenzy trying to build their presence on YouTube or Instagram but they are too used to Tik-Tok”. It had made them grow their presence so well that it would be difficult for the Tik-Tok users to switch to a different social media or app.

Some of the experts have asked the system besides the data collected was not only transferred to the third-party users but also the Chinese Government.

Since it was the most downloaded app in this situation of COVID-19, it was sort of an addiction to the people. Tik-Tok was also found to have the personal data of the users by logging the keypad to evade end-to-end encryption. Sabira Khan a creator on Tik-Tok expressed that it was a very sad feeling like everything has come to an end. 

Tik-Tok ban has made the creators sad as they have earned a lot of followers for their content on this app.