Kangana Ranaut and Babita Phogat blame karan johar and Nepotism for Sushant’s suicide

A day after Sushant Singh’s suicide KanganaRanuat slammed Bollywood via a video blaming the industry for his suicide. The deceased actor was in depression for months and was found hanging in his Bandra West apartment in Mumbai. 

His colleagues and friends in Bollywood are shocked to know about the death of the actor who was only 34. But, KanganaRanaut targeted Bollywood for being partial and nepotis. In the video she clearly said how Sushant wasn’t acknowledged for his success and was never given his due. 

She said in the video,”Sushant Singh Rajput's death has left all of us devastated, but some are looking for a parallel narrative even here. That whoever has a weak mind, they slip into depression and kill themselves. A guy who has a scholarship from Stanford... he is a rank holder of his engineering entrance, how can his mind be weak?”

She further added, “If you look at his last few posts, he is clearly saying, begging people to see his films, that I don't have a Godfather, I will be thrown out of this industry. Even in his interviews, he says why doesn't this industry make me its own? I feel like a leftover. So doesn't this incident have any reason?”

The deceased actor undoubtedly gave mega hits, but wasn’t appreciated and did not get offers from the known camps in Bollywood. 

Kangana stated, “He didn't get any acknowledgement for his debut film, Kai Po Che, or MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, or Kedarnath, or Chhichhore. A bad film like Gully Boy gets all awards, Chhichhore is the best film by the best director, but his film gets no acknowledgement.”

Kangana in her full blown Avatar stated that,” We don't need anything from you, we don't need your films, but the films that we do on our own, why don't you acknowledge us for that? The films I myself direct, why do you declare those superhit films flop? Why have you slammed six cases on me? Why did you want to put me in jail?”

It seems that the lady was in full mood to reveal the dark secrets of Bollywood and bash everyone involved. She did not even leave journalists and stated, “There is also a section of journalists who write blinds on Sushant, that he is psychotic, he is neurotic, he is an addict. But you find Sanjay Dutt's addiction very cute.These people message me that you're going through a difficult time, you don't take any such step. Why do they tell me these things? Why do they want to put these things in my head, that you should kill yourself? So was it a suicide or a planner murder?”

Further, she reprimanded Sushant’s action and said, “Sushant's mistake was that he believed in them. They told him that he was worthless, and he believed that. He didn't remember what his mother told him. Those people want to write history, and in it, they write that Sushantwas of a weak mind. They will not say what is the truth. So we need to decide who will write history. We will decide that. “

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Even BabitaPhogat slammed Bollywood most importantly Karan Johar and supported Kanagana’s claim. She said that, “It's time to take away the reigns of Bollywood from the selected group of people. As public, we should boycott the production houses that support nepotism and do not give chance to talents without any Godfathers.”

She further added that it’s because of Karan Johar and alike people that, “small towners don’t get a chance and sacrifice their lives after a prolonged struggle.” 


Suicide of Sushant Singh has divided the film industry in two. Where some are talking about his failed relationships leading to depression, whereas, others are targeting Bollywood Mafia’s for his untimely demise. There are strong opinions of many bollywood celebrities like ShekharKapur, Nikhil Dwivedi, Kangana and alike who believe that nepotism was the reason for his depression leading to suicide.