Man Murdered his Ex-Fiance for Calling off the Wedding; claims he lost control

A horrific incident took place in Leicester where a man named Jigukumar Sorthi brutally murdered his soon to be bride Bhavini Pravin. The couple was supposed to get married on March 2nd, instead, the 23-year old evil groom reached his ex-fiance house only to put her to rest. 

According to the reports, the deceased 21-year-old girl Bhavini Pravin was concerned about her fiance Sorthi’s drinking habits and the company he keeps. These concerns led her to break off the alliance on the day of the ceremony 2nd March. 

But, Jigukumar Sorthi came to their house in pretence to talk about the matter and sort things out. Once they were alone in the room, he stabbed the deceased twice in chest and knee. He planned to give her a painful death as revenge for calling off the wedding. Then when she fell on the floor all curled up to save herself; he stabbed her twice in the back. 

The deceased mother begged Sorthi to kill her daughter instead of torturing her and till the time paramedics arrived Bhavini was dead. The paramedics tried to recover her, but it was too late. Whereas, Sorthi was found running on foot and was caught in the CCTV footage; later he came to the police station and confessed his misdeed claiming he went out of control.

Detective Inspector Kenny Henry, from the East Midlands Special Operations Unit, said: “Bhavini was a young woman who had the rest of her life to look forward to. She was a gentle caring soul and came from a close and very private family.

Jigukumar Sorthi was jailed for life (,uk )

“It is fair to say she was the apple of her parents’ eyes.

“Losing Bhavini so early in life and in such tragic circumstances continues to take its toll on her parents and brothers – their lives have been changed forever.

“To have lost their beloved daughter to someone who they trusted to take care of her is something they will never recover from.

“Being present during the trial was understandably difficult for the family and I must commend their bravery, courage and dignity throughout.

Sothi running from the murder scene in Leicester ( )

“Nothing will bring Bhavini back but I can only hope that today’s outcome will, in due course, be of some comfort knowing that the man who ended their daughter’s life has been brought to justice.”

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