The missing fact behind Rahul Gandhi holding UP policeman’s collar

On October 1, a huge contingent of police was deployed at the Delhi-UP border as Congress pioneers Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi set out to visit the Hathras victim's kinfolk. But the UP Police stopped Rahul's convoy from going to Hathras. After this, he started walking. During this time, he was pushed by the police and supposedly fell to the ground.His detention led to a scuffle, and the police arrested Gandhi under Section 188 of the IPC.

In this context, a picture of Rahul Gandhi is being shared. It is being claimed that he has caught the collar of UP Police personnel. The claim has been made by BJP MLA Pratap Arunbhau Aasad from Maharashtra.

Another such claim is made by Rishi Bagree, who is followed by PM Modi on Twitter and is seen spreading misinformation many times before. He shared the image with the caption, “Rahul Gandhi holding collar of an on-duty policeman.”

Mrityunjay Kumar, the media advisor to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, also shared this picture. He wrote sarcastically, “Uttar Pradesh police pushing Rahul Gandhi.”

Talking about the incident, BJP MLA Pratap Arunbhau Aasad claimed that Rahul Gandhi was holding the collar of the policeman. However, some facts are missing that can clear the fact that Rahul Gandhi grabbed the cop's collar.

If we look at the video carefully, we can observe that Rahul Gandhi did not grab the collar of the policeman. A video was shared on October 1 from the official Twitter handle of Congress. In the video, it appears that Rahul Gandhi is surrounded by several policemen who are preventing him from moving towards Hathras.

During this, a policeman comes in front of them, Rahul Gandhi is seen removing the police from the left hand while trying to get out of the side, but his hand does not reach the policeman’s collar. 

The angle of the picture is such that from a glimpse, it may appear that Rahul Gandhi pushed the policeman but watching the video carefully clears all the misconceptions. 

It also cannot be ascertained from the visuals in the video that the policeman’s push was so fast that Rahul Gandhi fell to the ground. However, during this time, the policeman appears to be trying to stop Rahul Gandhi. 

Times of India’s uploaded the same video with a report headlined, “Rahul Gandhi manhandled, falls during a scuffle with cops while marching towards Hathras”

The fall has also been reported by other media outlets including NDTV, IndiaToday, and Zee News.


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