Wipro manager in India forces woman to come to office for work during Coronavirus

Wipro is a giant company in the tech world and is known for its innovation and integrity for Work. Recently, they announced that for the employees' health is of paramount importance and they will encourage Work from home to ensure isolation of the employees, Even the Indian Authorities have advised that people should opt for Work from home to avoid mass contamination of the deadly Coronavirus. 

However, the Twitter handle of Wipro is telling a different story. There have been many tweets over the last few hours where employees are tagging the company and requesting them to give Work from home so that they can stay safe by adopting self-isolation. One of the tweets by Shantanu Pathak stated, "that his wife's boss is forcing her to come to the office. Do you want to expose your employees, their family and society at large to risk? Are these the values you cherish?"

Tweet from a husband whose works at Wipro

Another tweet suggests that situations in Pune are not good, and it's time to give orders of Work from home so that they can opt for self-isolation.

Wipro employee requesting for Work for home option

These tweets are painting a different picture of the company, and it makes us wonder whether work is important than life itself? Wipro clearly stated that their employees should opt for Work from home according to their job duties and responsibilities, then why such tweets? Let's hope it does make self-quarantine mandatory for all the employees and take appropriate measures for their safety.