Facebook gave a $1000 bonus to its 45000 employees globally

Mark Zuckerberg issued a memo recently declaring paying $1000 bonus to all the full-time employees of the company around the globe. The news was first reported by The Information, who showed the internal memo signed by the CEO of Facebook. 

They have decided to give the bonus to help the full-time employees set their home-based offices or pay for their child’s daycare, etc. 

Facebook currently has 45,000 employees around the globe, excluding the contractors. They have also decided to pay full salary to hourly wage workers like janitors or cafeteria workers, even though their working hours will be reduced. 

Facebook announced mandatory work from home globally, whereas Amazon hasn’t made it mandatory, but is encouraging work from home. 

Twitter announced work from home to all the employees last week only. Whereas, Google has declared work from home option for the employees working in North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa. 

Apart from the $1000 bonus and work from home, Facebook has also declared spending $100 million to support the businesses of 30 countries who have suffered majorly due to Coronavirus. The companies can apply for grants or ad credits to Facebook and seek their support in challenging times.