Google commits $800+ Million to support small businesses during Coronavirus

Coronavirus outbreak continues to wreak havoc on the world and things are getting worse day by day. Count is increasing and healthcare professionals are trying hard to treat the patients, and the world is on standstill. Quarantine has become the way of living and the only silver lining to the big black cloud is large multinational companies coming together to donate during the crisis. The donations and grants by the moguls and philanthropists will help the needy, support the medical fraternity to find a cure and aid patients in the hospital. 

Recently, CEO of Google, Mr. Sundar Pichai announced that Google will be funding and grants worth $800+millions to support small businesses. The tech giant has pledged these funds in the form of free advertising. He has pledged $250 million to World Health Organisation and other government bodies to spread right information on how to battle against the deadly novel Coronavirus. 

$200 million will be donated to NGOs and financial institutions who support small businesses. It will help these small companies around the world to access capital. Next $340 million are granted in the form of Ads credit for the SMBs that were active in the last year. The ad credit can be used by the SMBs anytime by the end of 2020. In this way, Google has bifurcated how $800 million will be granted in the form of different funds for the SMBs, researchers, academicians, etc. 

Apart from the donation, they are also donating 3 million masks to the Centres of Disease Control and Prevention in the United States. Along with it, they have upgraded the gift match for the employees to $10,000 from $75,00 which they use to organisations for donations. Google has previously donated $50 million to aid the healthcare professionals.