Google ready to beat Tik-Tok by bringing Firework in the market

Google was reportedly interested in purchasing the US based social media Music-Video editor app called Firework that allows users to share their short clips just like they share on TIK-TOK, a Chinese player.

According to a Wall Street Journal, Chinese micro blogging platform Weibo had also shown some exceptional interest in acquiring Firework. But talks with Google are still going on.

Firework that is based in Redwood City of California entered India last month, was valued for more than $100 million in a fundraising camp earlier this year in September. Tik-Tok, at present, is valued at $75 million, which is less in comparison to Firework. Firework got some extra boon from the users posting the contents of firework on the prominent media sharing social media giant, Instagram.


Firework is a part of multi apps created by Loop Now Tech, a start-up company that focuses on a wide variety of consumer mobile applications. Firework could benefit Google in a multidimensional way, that is why after it is showing interest in it and many others want to be a part of it in terms of business.

Firework appointed Mr. Sunil Nair as the CEO and MD for its Indian operations. "My vision for Firework in India is to become more relevant and give our users every opportunity to stay meaningful and seamlessly experience a new view from their lens," Nair said in a statement.

Last year Facebook also released its stand-alone app called lasso in a hush-hush manner to compete with Tik-Tok. Lasso is currently available in the US, in which users could record themselves lip-syncing and dancing to music, which is the feature of Tik-Tok.

Also, Facebook recently talked to a former Google employee, Jason Toff for having a significant portfolio. The main hype these days is about the social media networking giant preparing the global launch of its short video-sharing app.