Google updates its Android Auto wireless feature that will now run on Android 11

Once people have Android 11 in their hands, the queue of phones being able to use wireless Android Auto will grow considerably. Google has recently updated its Auto’s FAQ page that says that almost all the devices installed with upcoming mobile OS will be able to use the compatible wireless Android Auto in their cars.

Google’s Android Auto is quite useful for millions of customers while driving their cars. Android Auto allows one to simply plug in their phone to charge that will link their phone to the car. It makes it easier to get directions, play music, or make a call without interrupting your driving. 

Google had added an easy version of the Android Auto in 2018 through which you can connect your phone to your car stereo without using a wire. But back then, it was just limited to Google and Samsung phones. Now, Google has added a single new feature that will hold the interest of thousands of people.

It has announced that any phone running on the upcoming Android 11 will be able to connect to Android auto without a cable. 

On its updated Android auto support page, the company says, “any smartphone with Android 11.0” will be able to connect to Android auto wirelessly. Along with Samsung and Google, other phones from brands like LG, Motorola, and OnePlus will also be able to use this feature while driving. You will not even need to pull your phone out of your pocket.

The updated information on the page also notes some requirements for Android Auto wireless to run on your phone. It says that your phone must support 5GHz Wifi 40 wireless connection. Although, almost every smartphone is capable of that. So, it is not an issue unless you have a low-end to the mid-range device as most of these devices support 2.4GHz.

Take note that the people in the countries such as Japan and Russia, as before, will not be able to experience wireless Android Auto, even on Android 11 devices. Google also added that phones in the EU that connect to 5GHZ Wifi in the car “must comply with additional regulatory requirements.”

It is expected that Google will release Android 11 in its supported Pixel devices in September. But Pixel mobile phones already support the wireless service. Therefore, users with other OEMs may have to wait longer till the OS update is introduced to them to start using Android Auto wirelessly.


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