How To Download YouTube Videos

Having one’s collection of high-quality videos has been one of the cool things for today’s generation. There might be the time you compare the tech stuff with your friends. And technology is something we are found and dependent on. You might get stuck at something on YouTube and then wish to download it but YouTube doesn’t come up with an option for downloading. So instead of getting yourself caught in some cyberbullying on any of the illegal sites that are providing YouTube downloads, just forget it and go for the right hacks. 

In case you are looking to download your videos from YouTube, you have to go on your profile then choose a studio and further you can download the videos clicking on the three dots. 

You can subscribe to the YouTube premium which costs around $11.99 per month with a one-month free trial at writing time.

 Do’s and Don’ts of YouTube premium 

• YouTube has its terms and policies and by buying the premium version you are not breaking the terms.

• Make your life easy as you can download directly from YouTube only

• You can only download them on your phones and cannot move the downloaded videos anywhere. After your subscription is over, they will disappear automatically.

• Premium gives you enough space to download anything without fear of getting up caught into some scam from the illegal sources.

There might be plenty of online services for downloading but the one which we found reliable is U2covert. As in the era of cyber-crimes and hackers all around you have to have a very trustworthy source. It is a super easy thing to download from U2convert where you just need to paste the YouTube link and further download the video. If you are a person who is found of high-resolution videos then you will have to subscribe to the premium version of U2covert. is the other platform that you can rely on. However, it suggests you download videos on your desktop which has competitively more options but as it is not tried by any of us so we cannot assure you the safety.

 4K Downloader app is one of the most heard when you think of downloading videos. Same in this case you have to paste the URL of the YouTube video, it is as simple as that. You can also go for the premium version of this app where you don’t have any hindrances. It is a single time investment of $15.

Features of 4K Downloader 

• You don’t have to worry about IOS or android it is available for all.

• Schedule your downloads from the 4K downloader you can download full channels with subtitles too be it a 3D video or anything.