IT companies forcing employees to leave or cancelling earned loved; tough time for techies

The horrendous situation of national lockdown seized hundreds of jobs surpassing the sectoral obstructions and it distressed the employees from the IT and manufacturing industries. 

Why are they laying off?

The IT and BPO sectors have been going through the utmost inquietude and that is why the employers find themselves relieving while cutting down jobs and salaries. According to the industry resources, innumerable employees are ordered to go on unpaid leaves till July, or even worse, they are being fired. While the intimidation is broached for those on the bench - who are not managing any projects currently. 

According to the resources, more than 700 people in Cognizant were implored to leave the company in between 31st May to 2nd June. The actual number of employees could be much higher. Job cutting at this outrageous time is undoubtedly cumbersome and a few of the eminent companies refused to pay up the employees pending salaries. According to the reports, Hexaware Technologies disclosed verbal communication to its bench employees that they are not going to be paid up for three months, May, June, and July. Despite that, if any employee continues to be on the bench after the month of July, he/she is going to be seized. 

The associate consultant said that “We were aware of this over the phone in the first week of April. But many of our colleagues received their May salary, but some of them are being told to leave the company immediately.”

When safety is at stake, and job security is the need of the hour; people are suffering to live and survive. 

Well, an inhabitant of Chennai working for Capgemini in Bengaluru expresses his utmost perturbation by saying his company is literally forcing him to cease his leaves and later go on a loss of pay. Mr. AJ Vinod, the All India Forum for IT Employees (AIFITE) said that myriad IT organizations in Chennai are supporting to layoffs. The myriad employees from Hexaware, Capgemini, and other firms have contacted the AIFITE and AJ Vinod further stated that “We have jotted down to these separated companies, Union Government and Tamil Nadu Labor commissioner will be going to take serious actions.”      

In this meantime, most of the employment portals are promoting necessary features and facilitation to help laid-off employees to find another job rapidly. The job search portal, Naukri has demonstrated a “step-up” new feature in order to assist terminated employees.