Sushant Singh’s spirit talks to paranormal expert Steve Huff and his fans can’t stop crying

Sushant’s fans have got emotional when they listened to him through Steve Huff’s who is an expert.

Steve had been speaking with him un different sessions. The first session was very normal but the other one bought tear in the eyes of his fans. Through this session, Sushant said that he had some arguments with the men and they had even bought nails and a hitch with them. 

After hearing his recorded voice, the fans were in huge gallop which was very similar to that of Sushant. His fans also think that Steve would not be able to come to a point through which Sushant Singh Rajput could get justice. He was such a brilliant and multi-talented actor.

His fans had been writing numerous comments on the post shared on social media, some of the comments read like "Thank you so much, Sir. I broke down in tears after listening to his voice. I have never felt this broken by any celebrity’s death. He was such a pure soul. The world has lost a gem. I hope and pray that Sushant gets justice. Please tell him we all love him so much. Tell him that I am very sorry for not following him as closely as I follow him now. I miss him dearly and pray for him.  Love you Sushant," "Steve I am truly am amazed by this it gave me Goosebumps. One suggestion: could you allow his soul to speak to his dad? We can confirm it entirely then. His dad will be so happy. PS: I am not doubting you! I love your effort," "Sir it's a request we badly want justice for our Gudu. He was such a gentleman and a wonderful soul."

These emotional comments have broken the internet and show the amount of love the audience had given him. The crux is everyone wants to know the reason for the suicide of this Kedarnath actor and each one of them is looking for justice. 

Now his third session with Steve is out on the internet too and he is heard in the recorded tape speaking about him being around his mother. 

After all this conversation of Steve and Sushant, his fans are really on the nerves to know desperately that what exactly happened to the actor. So now the fourth session tells that Steve tells Sushant that how his fans think that he has been murdered to which Sushant answers “the neck”. 

When Steve asked him if he wants to give any message to his fans, he replied You talk to me when I'm dead. I'm open to you." He adds, "They are so protected, you know," followed by a laugh." 

Through this, his fans have an assumption that he might be talking about people who are responsible for his death.

This shows that the audience who loved Sushant Singh Rajput is still not over with his death they are looking for real Justice.