Top 10 Netflix series in 2020 including "Extraction" at No. 1

Are you a Netflix person? If you love watching movies one after another and is never tired of watching the. We have bought a list of movies for you that are among the most-watched ones on Netflix.

Netflix has been on trend since long, due to the type of content it has people are excited to see what it brings next. Some of the hit shows like “FRIENDS” are brined watched by so many audiences. The types of genres Netflix has bought for you gives you all the way more reasons to love them and watch your favorite genre. They have it all from the black horror to mysteries to romance and more which never ends. You can always pick your favorite one and can get back to it on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 

The audience is found of the type of shows they bring with such talented actors/actresses be it Bollywood or Hollywood. The trend when Dish Tv had the massive audience has gone not it is all about Netflix, Amazon, Zee5, and many other platforms who are launching themselves. Now is the trend of watching series over long movies or watching documentaries or reality shows. People are more attracted to all these sorts of shows now. 

The list we have bought for you is among the top watched to save your time quickly and pick them to watch one after another.

Here is the list:

1. Extraction – With 99 million views it is rated as 6.7 by IMDB.

2. Bird Box – With 89 million views it rates as 6.6 by IMDB

3. Spenser Confidential – With 85 million views it rates as 6.2 by IMDB 

4. 6 Underground – With 83 million views it rates as 6.1 by IMDB

5. Murder Mystery – With 83 million views it rates as 6 by IMDB

6. The Old Guard – With 72 million views it rates as 6.7 by IMDB 

7. The Irishman – With 64 million views it rates as 7.9 by IMDB 

8. Triple Frontier – With 63 million views it rates as 6.4 by IMDB


9. The Wrong Missy – With 59 million views it rates as 5.7 by IMDB 

10. The Platform – With 56 million views it rates as 7 by IMDB

You have all the time to watch this in your home theatre with some popcorn pick one by one and start watching.