Shocking video: Ex-girlfriend Blasted Boyfriend’s Car After Breakup

So this is how karma treats you! You might have heard girlfriends and boyfriends fighting over so many things but those are normal fights. But this is the next level of insanity why will you do something which is not cautious for yourself. Have you ever heard that the fight between a couple had led to such an extreme end that the girl blew out her ex-boyfriend’s car? How will you even get that sort of idea where not only a very expensive thing is at risk but even your life could have gone in such an act?

The video of a girl lighting her ex-boyfriend’s car has gone viral all over social media platforms. The girl is seen lighting up a jeep car which probably belongs to her ex. She is pouring gasoline on it and then picks up a barbeque lighter to burn the jeep van. As soon as she lights up the car the fire sets up and due to the force, she gets thrown backwards.

She is dressed up in a black hood and grey sweatpants and as the mask is on so it is quite impossible to identify her. After she gets a back push automatically she carries all her equipment and runs away from the scene.

The jeep was of black colour and is seen burning in the fire till the end of the video. It is quite difficult to recognize the point where the video was being shot.

This is the worst case that we could hear about the grudges people hold in relationships today. Before the worst could be fighting, an abusive relationship or physical abusing but this has broken all the barriers and limits. How does one get the guts of doing these non-sense activities?

As we have heard from the sources the lady is Mike Mondo. But really was this the only way out to let your negative feelings out, why don’t today’s generation believe in proper break-ups with proper conversations why does it always have to be about the worst way out.