Horryfying story of woman with largest nails and how she lost them

Lee Redmond, a woman with the largest nails holds the Guinness World Record and a pessimistic accident took away all her nails. In this aspect, she said, “A horrifying accident took away all her hopes and her nails were ripped off from her hands”. 

This lady Lee has not cut her fingernails since 1979 and she used to take very good care of her nails. She dips them into the lukewarm olive oil and she was so fascinated that she used to grab bottle after bottle of olive oil to strengthen and polish them and keep them in top-notch condition. After taking severe care, her nails on both hands measured a startling 8.65 meter in total. Thus, she got the place in Guinness World Record for having the longest nails on both hands. 

Image Source: mirror.co.uk

She uttered, “It seemed to be very challenging for myself to see how far they could go before getting twisted out of the shape. Every time I was marking dates on the calendar to cut them off and unfortunately, I could not rip them off. It is weird how they become a significant part of you. I think my fingernails connoted me to a lot of people, I was identified as the fingernail lady but to me, I wanted to explain to them that there is really more to me.” 

Lee, the denizen of the Salt Lake City of USA, after involving herself into a massive car accident, where her nails were ripped off, and still she got the place in record book. Before meeting an accident, she was sitting in the car, and thereafter, suddenly her car got crashed into another three cars, and she was hurled onto the road. She said in sorrow, “After the horrifying accident, I have first seen my fingernails and started crying”. 

Image Source: mirror.co.uk

At that time, she went around and amassed all the pieces of nails just to remember that she has her name in the record book of fame. She further said, “I could not help myself rather I have to accept this situation that my fingernails are no more. The thing that worried me was, it became my identity and I groped I had lost that part.” 

Image Source: mirror.co.uk

This accident deprived her of the record book, but Lee still holds the record for the longest nails ever but does not sustain the current record - which now belongs to Ayanna Williams. But still, she enjoyed thinking the days of her longest nails with pride and the extra care she had to do with her longest fingernails.