Puppy with a tail on his head became social media sensation

You will be surprised to hear about a puppy that has a tail growing in the middle of his forehead. This puppy has been named Narwhal, the Little Magical Furry popular as the Unicorn Puppy. This puppy has gained so much popularity in just a few days, and his photos and videos have become viral everywhere on the internet.


The puppy was found in the cold and was rescued by an organization named Mac’s Mission. At the time of his rescue, the pup was suffering from a foot injury, which was then treated by the doctors. The dog was abandoned and was found on the streets by Mac’s Mission, along with another dog. Both the dogs were rescued and treated.


The unique tail was checked out at the vets (Image: Facebook/Mac the Pitbull)


There were many questions in the minds of the fans of Narwhal. One such question was that does this tail on his forehead wags when the pup gets excited? And the answer to this question was that this tail does not wag when the Unicorn Puppy is excited as it is not attached to anything.


The dog was brought under the vet care as soon as he was rescued. The dog was examined properly by the doctors, and they tried to find out the connection of the tail. And after the diagnosis, it was found that his extra tail on the forehead has neither any connection nor any use. It is something that is distinguishing this dog and making it extraordinary and cool.

There's no reason for it to be removed (Image: Facebook/Mac the PitbullFacebook)


The doctors also added to their statement that the tail need not be removed as it is harmless and has no connected. They are looking forward and wishing that there may be a chance that the tail starts to wag as it will make him a unique dog with special features.


This extra tail that Narwhal has does not also bother him, and he is active and fit like other dogs. His fans have a huge line of his adoption because the dog looks cuter and cooler with this extra tail on his forehead. Some people believe that Narwhal is a mixture of a dog and unicorn.