Shocking video reveals a hungry labourer eating dead dog’s caracas as he had no money to buy food

Coronavirus has led to unemployment, lack of resources, and deaths, but the worst came in the limelight when a labourer was eating a dead dog's carcass to appease his hunger. 

The incident was recorded by a traveler Pradhuman Singh Naruka, on Rajasthan to Delhi highway. When he was passing by the highway, he saw a dead dog on the highway and a labourer eating the meat of a recently died dog. He asks him, "You don't have food to eat? What are you eating? You will die!" 

The labourer does not listen to him and continues the nibbling meat of the dead dog. Then, he further told him to come on the side of the road, where he gave him a tiffin box to eat food and a bottle of water while wearing the protective mask. 

He further asks him about his background and tells him to eat food while he will give him some money. He records the video on the camera and says, "I saw this man-eating an animal that might have died on the road when I was on my way to Delhi. If you see a person on your way, please help them and share this video with the Government as much as you can."

Later, he shared the video on his social media with the caption, "Humanity became a shame on Delhi-Jaipur National Highway in Shahpura of Rajasthan when a labourer was forced to eat a dead dog due to hunger. No one has understood it as a big thing to help him by stopping his car. Well. I fed him and gave him money. If you ever see someone hungry, please help."

The video went viral in a short time, and many government officials were tagged. Many Twitter users shared the video and criticised India's Government for not taking appropriate action to safeguard the migrants. 

Currently, the migrants are in a disgusting situation where they are going back to their village on foot for hundreds of km starved. Death of migrants, accidents, and starvation have become an everyday story on social media, and the Government is facing massive backlash.