Shraddha Kapoor tweets about “Barbaric incident” of Pregnant cow given food filled with explosives

India is a country where animals are also worshipped. A cow is revered like a mother, and there are countless stories of cows being Lord Krishna's favourite animal. It is believed that by serving a cow, you can get rid of your sins, and even its urine is considered sacred to purify the house and body. But, the present-day reality is horrifying, inhuman and embarrassing, because now in India, the most revered animals are exploited for fun or out of sheer boredom or frustration. 

A traumatizing incident came in limelight when versatile Bollywood actress, Shraddha Kapoor tweeted about the mishap with a pregnant cow. She tweeted, "Another barbaric incident. Animal cruelty laws need to change NOW" and tagged PETA India. 

In the incident mentioned above, a pregnant cow was brutally harmed to kill the wild animals. The incident happened in Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh, and it went viral when the owner of the cow recorded a video of its damaged lower jaw. In the video, Gurdial Singh of Dahad village of Jhandutta tehsil revealed that his neighbourNandLal purposely did it. 

He claimed that the cow was gazing outside and went to the neighbouring area as there were small shrubs and scrubs. It started eating the flour left out, and suddenly it exploded in its mouth leading to severe injuries, blood dripping and gashes of wounds. The owner said that the accused purposely fed the explosive-filled flour, but the accused defended himself saying that it was kept for wild animals. 

However, a case is registered against the accused under section 286, 489 of the Indian Penal Code pertaining to mischief by maiming cattle and Section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. The forensics team took the sample of the deep wounds of the cow. Upon examining the samples, they said, "Judging by her injuries, we believe that the explosion occurred outside her mouth, but an investigation into the incident is on,"

The latest news related to the victim cow is that she is stable. According to the Deputy Superintendent of Police Sanjay Sharma, she is stable and has delivered a healthy calf a few days ago. However, investigations are going on, and soon the accused will be punished. But, what is devastating is that it came after the horrific incident of death of a pregnant elephant because of eating an explosive-filled pineapple in Kerala. It's disappointing to witness how humans are losing their humanity and inflicting violence on animals because of their ulterior motives.