The photoshoot takes a horrible turn when a dog bites 17-year old girl

A 17-year old girl was bitten by a German Shepherdsurprisingly while she was happily taking photos with it. 

Lara Sanson, who belongs from Tucuman, Argentina, was enjoying a photo shoot with her friend's pet dog named Kenai. To her shock, the dog suddenly peeled off her face with its sharp teeth. The Argentinian girl was posing happily with Kenaiwhen in the middle of the photoshoot, this dangerous incident took place.

Lara has also shared the series of her photoshoot with the German Shepherd. The incident also got captured on camera in which the dog's sharp teeth have environed her face. The set of photoshoots also depicts how they were casually posing in front of the camera, and the incident happened out of the blue.

The reason is still not dredged up why Kenai suddenly attacked Lara when it seemed to be calm minutes before.

According to the local newspaper, La Nacion, Lara said, “I do not know if I touched it's hip or if it reacted like this because it is old, or it was because I hugged it and scared it."

After this horrifying incident, Laraurgently had to rush to the emergency ward for a two-hour operation. The intense bite left her with forty stitches all around and inside her face. Lara got internal injuries as the attack reached all the way down to her gums. The pictures of her painful stitches near her eyes and over the lips are also shared.

Although the pictures and the stitches depict that she was bitten fiercely, she claims that she did not feel much pain. She added, “I only had some bother due to the inflammation and eating problems.

The veterinarian Juan Enrique Romero said that the dog may have attacked her due to a pain he was experiencing. He said, " Its pains are growing and pain could have generated this reaction.”

However, the dog has not been put down for this incident because of Sanson’s insist. She also tried to make it look a lighter incident and simply described it as a "photoshoot that goes wrong."

Lara seems to be recovering smoothly after the stitches, she has been left with the cuts on one side of her face. She is still suffering from the inflammation around her wounds.

Her post went viral with more than 337.000 reaction son Twitter. Twitter users also commented on the possible reasons for the incident and some ‘don’ts’ while getting near to a dog.  Some comments stated, “Never hug a dig from its neck”.


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