Thousand gallons of cow urine consumed daily in Gujarat to combat Coronavirus

India is a country where cows are considered sacred and are given the status of mothers amongst animals. Goumutra is considered a pure and powerful antioxidant that kills harmful bacteria and viruses. Several researches have proved that drinking fresh cow urine or Ark helps in detoxification, cleansing of the body, reducing inflammation, and even cancer patients are recommended consuming Goumutra. 

Recently, there has been a considerable rise in demand for Goumutra in Gujarat. Daily, thousands of liters of cow urine is being consumed by the people of Gujarat as it is considered to build immunity and because of its antibacterial properties. Amid the Coronavirus outbreak, people have become extra conscious and are returning to the proven methods of boosting immunity. 

According to Vallabh Kathiria, chairman of Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog, the demand for cow urine has increased to 6000 liters per day because it has always been promoted as the natural elixir for myriad diseases. The consumption is not limited to drinking cow urine; in fact, people also use it as hand sanitizers. There has also been an increase in demand for cow ark, which is used for gargling and drinking. 

According to Kathiria, “Apart from improving digestion, goumutra strengthens the lymphocytes and is rich in antioxidants,” He is the head of “Gou SevaYog” and told the ET that 700ml of arka is made from 1 L of urine. Raju Patel, who owns a cow shelter in Ahmedabad, said that earlier, the demand for cow urine was 80-100 bottles a month, but now it has increased to 425 bottles. As they also add, “Tulsi, ginger and other herbs to the ark to develop a potent combination to fight cough and cold,” it becomes even more useful. 

LabhshankarRajgore, a retired teacher who makes hand sanitizers from cow urine, believes that it will help in mitigating the spread of Coronavirus as the spray helps in killing germs and viruses.