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What is Streak Shot?

Streak Shot is an online tabloid catering your thirst for knowledge, latest buzz and just about everything happening in the world with our detective glasses. We are your morning alarm that you won’t snooze (We bet!). 


What do we do?

We are an internet media company with our eyes everywhere. Our job is to observe, absorb, assimilate and serve the news from around the world before it becomes The News! Didn’t understand? At Streak Shot, we aim to compete in time and deliver the best content before time. Whether you are a business, who wants to know everything about the economy, stocks or latest policies; a housewife yearning for the latest news about your favourite celebrities; IT Nerd surfing the internet for breakthroughs in the IT world or a teenager inquisitive about fashion sense or weird news; we are here to serve you. 


Why should you visit Streak Shot every morning?

Streak Shot is the first and last online tabloid you need to stay updated and know what’s happening in the world. Our dedicated team is wired to the world and is ceaselessly curating and disseminating authentic news in every sector. You can stalk us all you want and become the most learned person in your group. In our tabloid you will be served with Business news, Technology, Entertainment, Motivational stories, Success Stories, Lifestyle Tips and of course the Style Mantra. So whether you want to know, who walked the red carpet with whom or who won the Nobel Prize, our tabloid is just the right place where your starvation for updates will end. 

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