Sushant Singh Rajput Changed His Number 50 Times Due To The Threatening Calls He Received

A folk singer from Bihar Sunil Chaila Bihari is claiming of some gang who were threatening Sushant Singh Rajput over the calls. He has released a video out on youtube where he speaks that Sushant was getting these calls from the past one month and to avoid this, he had changed his sim card for almost 50 times.

He further said that one of the actors Sandeep Singh thinks that until unless Sushant wouldn’t have the support of the gang, Ekta Kapoor and Karan Johar wouldn’t be able to do anything. And this is the reason Sandeep one of Sushant’s friends use to pass all his new numbers to the threatening gang. Sunil wants that this matter should be investigated by the CBI.

Sunil alleged that the reason for his video is that there should be no one like Sushant who would suffer again. Also, he said that the outsiders who enter the industry should have unity and they should raise their voices against nepotism. He also mentioned that due to nepotism stars like Govinda too were not able to make it with the films whereas if only 1-2 people are out there against nepotism it won’t work that way. The industry will only change when the outsiders and strugglers will come together against the practice of nepotism.

According to Mumbai Police, they have stated too that Sushant was changing his numbers from the past one month but they have refused to give any statements before the hearing in the court. Whereas the post mortem report states the reason for Sushant’s death was suicide.

Sunil has also claimed that nepotism not only exists in the Bollywood industry but it is in the Bhojpuri industry too where he has not selected for a role in the film named “SasuraNach Na Chahe”.