Swara Bhaskara helped 1000 migrants return home; taking inspiration from Sonu Sood

Actors have the power to create characters that become inspiration for the society. Today, SwaraBhaskara and SonuSood became real-life heroes for the migrants of our country and proved that their real-life actions can also inspire others. 

SonuSood who has actively participated and taken on his shoulders to assist immigrants get back to their native place and till now have sent more than 45,000 migrants to their villages has stirred a ripple effect. Walking on his path, SwaraBhaskar, a leading Bollywood actress also came out of her house to help the migrants. 

The actress collaborated with the Delhi Government to arrange train tickets for the migrants who want to return to their native villages in UP and Bihar. She along with her team collected names of the migrants and arranged their transportation. Till now she has helped 1350 migrants travel safely back to their hometown. 

Along with the support of MLA of AAP Party Dilip Pandey she managed the whole initiative. Earlier, she even distributed 500 pairs of shoes to the migrants in collaboration with Action and Athleo Shoes. 

When she was interviewed by Times Now, she said she felt ashamed of comfortably sitting in her house while migrants are struggling and losing lives. She added, “Migrant crisis is the most shameful incident of our times. At a time when lakhs of people are out on the streets, facing extreme hardship, I feel ashamed sitting at home. This crisis has exposed the defects in our system.”

Bollywood is coming forward at the time of crisis to help the poor and needy. SonuSood even started a helpline number 18001213711 where migrants can ask for support. His team is available 24*7 to help them and manage their transportation.