Children Sex trade on rise in the world

We do come across many children sex trade cases globally, which makes our blood boil. According to the study by the United Nations International Labour Organization, there are more than 4 million victims of sex traffic globally, and 1 million children are the victims of forced sexual exploitation globally. The number is increasing year-by-year rapidly, making things worse for kids and adults. Keeping this in mind, a new exceptional documentary is being filmed under the name of 'Children of the Sex Trade”.


What is the documentary all about?

This film follows two young sisters in the Philippines, helping former Australian police and Special Forces Officers to rescue underage girls from sex bars. This documentary also reveals that in the Philippines, there are 800,000 women and children tied up in sex-trade. One of the reasons why the sex trade is rising is because of the police corruption that makes the local law ineffective to protect the most vulnerable groups from abuse.

The films show 16-year-old Michelle and 19-year-old Marisol, who was both, abused by foreign men and worked in Subic Bay's sex bars. After the rescue, they are now working at PREDA, a human rights foundation set up in 1974 by Fr. Shay Cullen, an Irish Catholic priest.

The documentary showcases a gripping investigation into an urgent crisis led by teenage sisters sacrificing their safety.

Steps to end the Children sex trade

The sex trade is not just offline, but online too. There have been many cases of online sexual abuse of children. Thankfully, there are steps taken by tech companies to safeguard children and bring down the online crime. It is time for tech companies to put up the safety of children first and own up their responsibility to end the sexual exploitation and abuse online. Coming up with such a documentary and creating awareness is the major push to stop children's sex trade. Different countries have different laws to act against the children's sex trade.

The US

The Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA) was authorized in 2000, focusing on the prevention and protection for trafficking survivors, as well as prosecution for traffickers.


In India, more than 200,000 children are trafficked every year, forcing them to trade and labour. Anti-Trafficking Units is authorized to investigate human trafficking cases and enforce strict laws.

South Korea

The Punishment of Acts Arranging Sexual Traffic and its Labor Standards Act places harsh sentences on traffickers. In South Korea, trafficking is widespread, and to curb the case; the law is strictly implemented.


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