Father kills his daughter for falling in love with Muslim Boy

Can choosing your life partner to be a reason for your family to kill you? When will this stop in our country? Honour Killings in India have to stop at a point now. The choice of your life partner depends on oneself once you are at the right age to do it. 

This man of Gandhigram area in Rajkot city tried to kill his 20-year daughter after she told about her relationship with a Muslim boy and further added to the desire to marry him. The family when refused she stuck to her point that she only wants to marry this boy. Also, she did not eat anything when her parents disapproved of this relationship with a Muslim boy.

The father is Gopal Nakum who is a casual labourer.

The father asked his daughter to make him a cup of tea to which the girl refused and said that she would not make and also not eat and drink anything until he approves of the marriage. This made the father extremely angry and he hit her head with a wooden object and killed her.

The girl was named Ila as soon as her father hit her she immediately fell. As soon as it came to the neighbour's notice, they reported the police about the incident. After this, she was taken to the PDU hospital and once she was diagnosed with some major injuries she could not survive and sadly made it to death.

Manoj Aggarwal who is Police Commissioner said that the girl had tried to escape before with her Muslim boyfriend who is 19 years old. It was not only the girl's family but the boy's family too did not approve of their relationship.

He also added saying “But the boy is not of marriageable age and therefore, families of the boy and the girl persuaded her to return home the same day''. Also explained further “this does not look like a case of honour-killing but more a crime committed in a fit of rage.”

The father was detained by the police once they knew that it was a murder.

KhumansinhVala, inspector of Gandhigram said “On June 18 this year, Ila’s mother had died of a heart attack. On Thursday morning, when Ila started sulking, demanding that she be married to the boy, the father reminded her of her mother’s death just around a month ago and that they had still not recovered from that loss. But the daughter persisted, enraging the father''