Learn about the Coronavirus symptoms and preventive measures

Covid19 has affected more than 94, 380 people around the world, and claimed 3221 lives remains still a mystery. According to the World Health Organisation, it started spreading in Hubei and now has infected many people around the world.

But, until now, there has been no cure or permanent treatment for the deadly virus. Doctors are sharing preventive notes, and asking to maintain hygiene, but treatment is still to be searched. 

As the virus is fast spreading, let’s enlighten the readers on the symptoms of Covid19 and precisely what should be done to prevent it. Firstly, most of the people affected by it are adults and senior citizens, not children or teens under 18.

The fatality rate of affected people above the 70s is under 8% and above 80s is 14.8%. According to the reports from Wuhan, 80% of the affected people who faced untimely demise were suffering from other disorders like heart problems, high blood pressure, or diabetes and were above 60years old. 

How to protect yourself against COVID-19
Video by World Health Organization


The common symptoms of people affected by Coronavirus include fever, runny nose, dry cough, and tiredness. Most of the young people and children, who may or may not be suffering from the virus, do not face any symptoms.

The reason behind no symptoms may be the healthy immune system of the people which brings us to the theory that if a person maintains good hygiene, avoids physical contact in public spaces, throws tissues in the dustbin after sneezing or washing hands and uses immunity boosters to keep the immunity strong, then Covid19 can be prevented. 

According to reports from China, only 2.4% of people amongst the affected ones are under 18, and the theory claims that it can be because their immunity is strong. As of now, as there is no treatment for the deadly virus, it is advised to take precautionary measures to avoid the fatal disease.

It is for the future to decide what will be the future of the deadly virus and whether the affected ones will suffer irreversible consequences or will be able to live a healthy life or not.