Trinamool Congress MP's shameful mimicry of India's Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar goes viral on Twitter

In a surprising turn of events during an opposition protest at Parliament, Trinamool Congress' suspended MP Kalyan Banerjee created a stir by mimicking Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar on the steps outside the "Makar Dwar" of the new Parliament building. The incident, initially perceived as comic relief amid the suspension of 49 MPs, quickly escalated into a major controversy, drawing criticism from the Vice President himself.

In a video capturing the impromptu skit, Kalyan Banerjee is seen animatedly mimicking Vice President Dhankhar, eliciting laughter from onlookers, including Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who recorded the incident on his mobile phone. In the video, Banerjee humorously comments on his own stature, saying, "My spine is so straight, I'm so tall," while depicting a mock version of proceedings in the Rajya Sabha during a protest.

However, the light-hearted moment took a serious turn as Vice President Dhankhar denounced the mimicry as "shameful and unacceptable." Referring to Rahul Gandhi's involvement in recording the incident, Dhankhar expressed his disapproval, stating, "Imagine a senior leader of your party, video graphing another member of another party. Mimicry of the Chairman, mimicry of Speaker. How ridiculous, how shameful, how unacceptable."

The BJP, sharing the video on social media, criticized both Kalyan Banerjee and Rahul Gandhi for mocking the Vice President. The party asserted that such actions were a violation of parliamentary decorum and contributed to the suspension of opposition MPs.

The opposition MPs, including those suspended, have been pressing for a statement from Home Minister Amit Shah regarding a recent security breach at Parliament. Vice President Dhankhar labeled the MPs' actions as an "absolute transgression" of rules.

The security breach, orchestrated by six individuals, was well-coordinated and meticulously planned over months, according to Delhi police. The motive behind the unprecedented "smoke protest" was to draw attention to issues such as growing unemployment, the plight of farmers, and the situation in Manipur. The group, associated with a Facebook page called "Fans of Bhagat Singh," sought a parliamentary discussion on these matters.

In response to the breach, Parliament has implemented tightened security protocols, including temporary bans on visitors and restrictions on non-essential personnel, including media.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his first remarks on the security breach, described the incident as "very serious." He emphasized the need for a "detailed investigation" rather than debate, underscoring the gravity of the situation.

As the controversy unfolds, the incident involving Kalyan Banerjee's mimicry has become a focal point in the broader discussions surrounding parliamentary decorum, security breaches, and the responsibilities of elected representatives.