Was Deepika Padukone’s visit to JNU and supporting Tukde gang a publicity stunt?

It seems as Bollywood actors have are always under the radar for good or bad. Deepika Padukone who is a producer and protagonist of Chapaak, is facing severe consequences of visiting JNU these days. She has become a heated topic of debate on twitter and her followers are blocking or un-following her on Instagram. But why such an extreme step?



A few days back, Deepika Padukone visited JNU and stood with Tukde gang at Sabarmati T-point where the meeting was held against the recent changes. She was standing with the gang’s president, Aishe Ghosha and extended her wishes for a speedy recovery and dispute resolution. However, it did not work for the main lead of the movie Chapaak and the people condemned her for supporting the gang.



While she was in the meeting, she was silently standing with the gang and listening to the protests. Neither did she put forward her opinion nor she supported anyone, but fumed public considered her presence as support to Tukde gang and decided to boycott her movie Chapaak.



 It seems that mere ten-minute support to the gang and its president Aishe Ghosh and former president Kanhaiya Kumar cost her the first movie as a producer. However, things took a dirty turn on Twitter, as people are divided in half, on one side people think it was a cheap publicity stunt and are boycotting her movie, whereas other half are supporting her.


One of the tweets trending in #DeepikaBoycottDebate says, “Deepika is a fraud, a put-on, an artificial, mediocre actress, given to loud guffaws at silly jokes!!!”



While other tweets are claiming her as anti-nationalists, a supporter of Pakistan, etc., we don’t know whether it is a publicity stunt or her genuine concern for the student that led her to the campus. But, it led to the doom of her first production movie Chapaak.


All we can hope that people watch the movie because it is based on a sensitive subject that needs our attention and action.