60-year old mother accuses her son for rape attempt and registers complaint

Mother is a symbol of unconditional love and sacrifice. In India, a mother is given the stature of a goddess and is revered. But, a disturbing incident during the Coronavirus epidemic makes one question, how safe is a woman even in her own house with her family members?

A 60-year old woman of Jaipur who lives with her 35year old son in Hanumangarh registered a complaint against her son. She claims that her drunken son attempted rape in inebriated state on Friday. She fought back and saved herself, and the next day registered a complaint against her son. 

Ramesh Chandra Machra, SHO, Mahila Thana, Hanumangarh gave a statement that, “the accused was apparently in a drunk state when he tried to to rape his mother. She somehow managed to escape and registered a case on Friday night. We immediately launched an investigation and arrested the accused.”

It is believed that the accused is an alcoholic and attempted the gruesome act in the influence of alcohol. Exact reason behind the assault is still unknown.