Seeking better Alternative to Xvideos and Pornhub for sexual pleasure

World-renowned actress and the most wanted girl next door Marilyn Monroe once quoted “Sex is a part of nature, I go along with nature.” Craving for sex is nothing unnatural, and neither watching porn. According to a statistical report, there are 12% pornographic websites and around 2.6 million people visit these websites each day. Xvideos and Pornhub are the leading websites on the internet with millions of viewers.

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However, MindGeek has been accused of having dominance in the porn industry. It holds a chain of websites including Pornhub, RedTube, Brazzers and many more. MindGeek is the most influential in the porn industry. Other porn website owners claimed that MindGeek is holding back a lot of traffic using unlawful privacy acts. TechCrunch quoted "MindGeek spends about $2million to combat privacy disputes, but that does not even stand half of the companies’ total revenue.

Ethical porn websites focusing on safety and consent are increasingly becoming popular and people want to come out from Xvideos and Pornhub. As these websites showcase violent sexual intercourse, enjoyment is becoming cruel and affecting the teens. Online searchers are trying out the best alternatives for Pornhub and Xvideos. A study suggests that there is an end number of good and unique NC-17 content. Good production, kinky appeal, and personalized erotica. 

Here is the list of free porn websites:

● MV Tube

MV Tube is free and a good performer oriented platform, inclusive of free clips and full erotic videos. It has categories such as BDSM, Teen, Fetish, Anal, Tits, and many more.

● Reddit

Experience a thriving porn enjoyment with Reddit. It is best for enjoying amateur level sex. There is no support for sexual exploitation. Reddit is proven to be best for driving out sexual horniness.  r/realgirls,  r/girlsinlove, r/girlsgonewild, r/gonewild,and r/gonewildtrans

● xHamster

Counting a library of 10,000 pages, xHamster is another free porn website to enjoy amateur style porn, containing different sub-categories. Although xHamster had reportedly dealt with ethical issues, xHamster spokesperson came out with a denial stating that users were trying to download illegally uploaded content. Last year xHamster banned its frequently searched celebrity leaked nude photo and infamous minor videos.