Akshay Kumar pledges 25crore from his savings towards PM-Cares Fund, proves he is a real-life Khiladi

Coronavirus has put the world on halt, and as the count is increasing with every passing day even in India, it calls for aggressive measures. India is currently under a 21-day lockdown as Prime Minister NarendraModi declared that self-isolation is the way to mitigate the spread of the deadly virus. A few days back, he even announced that aggressive measures would be taken to combat the virus, and antidotes will be made to save lives. 

Amidst the outbreak, actors from the Entertainment Industry have shown their support in the challenging times by donating towards the PM-Cares Fund, which was created to seek donations to fight against the deadly novel Coronavirus. Akshay Kumar, who is known for his acting skills and patriotism, recently tweeted that he pledges 25crores from his savings towards the PM-Cares Fund. 


Akshay Kumar retweeted PM NarendraModi’s Relief Fund Tweet and pledged 25 crores.

He took to his Twitter handle and tweeted that saving lives is all that matters as of now, and we should do whatever it takes. And, he pledged 25 crores to the relief fund. Twinkle Khanna, his beloved wife, retweeted her husband’s tweet and expressed that she is proud of his gesture. Without even giving a second thought, he announced a whooping donation because he feels that now it is in his capacity, and it is his duty towards the citizens of the country. A noble thought and act! 

Prime Minister NarendraModi tweeted about the PM-Cares Fund on Saturday and asked the countrymen that every microdonation is important and essential. Respecting the appeal of the PM, many other celebrities like HrithikRoshan, Sunny Deol, HemaMalini, Rajnikanth, Prabha, Ram Charan, Kapil Sharma and much more generously donated towards the PM-Cares Fund to combat Coronavirus.