Angelina Jolie gifted ex-husband Brad Pitt a Helicopter worth $1.6 million

Brangelina was the “It” couple of Hollywood. They were madly in love while Brad was married and he left his then wife Jennifer Aniston to be with Angelina. They dated for many years and became parents to the twins and finally tied the knot in 2014. But, unfortunately the marriage hit the rock bottom and now the couple is divorced. 

But, as they say, long or short it should be memorable and today, we bring you a memory from the couple’s lives. Brad Pitt is not only a versatile actor, but is known for Art and his love for flying. His lady love always knew his love for flying and back in the day decided to surprise him by gifting him a helicopter. 

Angelina is known for thoughtful gifts and she gifted Brad a helicopter worth $1.6 million so that he could complete his flying lesson and become a licensed pilot. She has gifted him precious gifts on several occasions like once she gifted her ex-beau a diamond pendant with a miniscule love note worth six figures.  

But, the most heartwarming gift was when Angelina gifted Brad the actual Ernst Hemmingway’s typewriter that the author used to write, “From Who the Bell Tolls”. According to the reports of Marie Claire the gift was to celebrate Brangelina’s wedding and was worth $2,50,000.