Dangal actress ZairaWasim’s inspiring journey from depress to success to quitting Bollywood

The beautiful Kashmiri girl, Zaira Wasim, who had left a conspicuous mark overnight in her first Bollywood movie debut in Amir Khan’s Dangal, shocked the film industry and her fans by saying a final goodbye to her immense film career proclaimed in June 2019. It was her religion that made her determined to leave the tinsel town behind.

Zaira posted on her Facebook page while cited the religious matter for her decision to quit her overwhelming career in Bollywood. She further added, “Five years ago I had chosen this field that significantly turned my life as I have stepped in Bollywood, it revealed the doors of acute popularity for me. I was about to become the chief candidate of public intentness; I was demonstrated as the gospel of the idea of prosperity and was often ascertained as the role model for the youth. Well, that’s never something that I proclaimed to do or become, especially with utmost regard to my unique ideas of prosperity and failure, which I have just incepted to investigate and understand. As I have accomplished 5 years today, I want to acknowledge that I am not completely happy with this identity, which is, my line of work. However, now I can feel that I have strived to become someone else.”

She revealed her extreme perturbation by saying, “As I had just incepted to look for and make sense of the things to which I devoted my time, impetuosity, and endeavors, and tried to accept a new lifestyle - I assumed that I may fit here nicely, but I do not belong here. This tinsel field genuinely brought lots of love, clinches, and acclamation my way, but it also led me to the path of idiocy, as I silently and surreptitiously transitioned out of ‘Imaan’. 

When I continued to work in such an ambiance that frequently intervened in my Imaan, my acute relationship with my religion was intimidated. I immensely rely on Allah’s mercy and seek guidance. I disclosed my lack of knowledge of the leading fundamentals of the Muslim religion and how my incapability to reinforce a certain alternation earlier as a result of baffling my heart’s appeasement and well-being with contenting and strengthening my objective”.