Priyanka Chopra setting summer trend in Harper Bazaar’s Singapore edition

Summer is around the corner, and Priyanka Chopra is already making people feel hot and sweaty with her svelte curvy figure. PeeCee has become an international name and has always talked about body positivity. In her latest photoshoot, she is not only looking stunning but has discussed about her body image in detail.

PeeCee’s classic look for the Harper Bazaar is drop-dead gorgeous

Priyanka has raised the temperature in a black and white sexy outfit she wore for Harper Bazaar magazine shoot. She has been a fashion icon now and has shown her presence on the international covers, and the latest photoshoot is for the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore. Her outfit is giving goosebumps and major style goals, even to the trendsetters.

Elegant look in Dolce &Gabbana outfit

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She looks perfectly stunning and gorgeous in signature leopard print Dolce & Gabbana slit. One cannot miss her chunky goal chain, black heels, and wavy locks. In every sense, she has looked elegant. For the viewers and her fans, Priyanka has also shared some of the moments by means of videos that were behind the scene at the time of the shoot.

Behind the scenes from Harper Bazaar’s photoshoot

Behind the scenes from Harper Bazaar’s photoshoot


She has been now known for her beauty and curvy figure, but she has a different story when it comes to her body issues in the past when she was called skinny. During the March issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Priyanka spoke openly about the problems she faced for her weight. She stated that she was super thin till five and gained weight when she used to have two Fanta grape bottles and four curry puffs daily.

Her journey for weight loss started when she went to school in London. But she began to work in publishing where she enjoyed lovely press lunches and meals, she started feeling uncomfortable because of stretched waistbands and knew its time to zip the lip.

Priyanka has always been nosy with her food choices, and all of it began when she was found that she is allergic to seafood, and she did not like red meat. She said she has no idea what a sample size and her’s is definitely not the one.  She claims that one has to strike a balance with food and exercise, and that is the only way one can manage weight and deal with body issues.

Looking at her recent photoshoot, all we can swear by is that the lady is giving major fitness and style goals. And, summer 2020 will be a journey to fitness for many of her fans.